• Set up in less than 60 seconds

    Power on, put in the water, open the app and focus on coaching

  • Live streaming with delay

    Set a delay on the each live stream, from 0 to 60 seconds

  • Live slow motion

    Watch swimmers in real-time slow motion for up to 10 minutes

  • Use with tablet camera

    Simultaneously view footage from above and below the water

  • Completely wireless

    Move the camera around or connect to multiple cameras with no cables to negotiate

  • Up to four streams

    Swimmers can view themselves up to 4 times per lap / hundreds of times per week

Why Do Swimmers Love Athlee?

With Athlee you get to analyse and evaluate your technique instantly. You can see your movements multiple times with the timer delay, connect multiple cameras to view yourself from different angles and even add a video to compare live feed of yourself with the best swimmers – all while still being in the water ready for the next lap. The use of live video feedback during every training session is an entirely new way to approach technical training and greatly accelerates progression. Seeing your own movements again and again enhances your body awareness and provides you with a much greater understanding of what adjustments are needed to achieve the desired results.

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