“SwimCam is a complete game changer"
Malte Karklinat, Coach

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Improve your technique every day

Super easy setup and use

With only one button and no cables you can setup SwimCam in less than a minute and start streaming to the SwimCam easy to use app specifically designed for swimming. This means that swimmers now get daily feedback because SwimCam removes the hassle of setting up video equipment and video editing for hours.

"Swimmers are surprised about how much they really have to change their technique before it is visible on the live feed. It is truly an eye-opener", Line Pedersen, Head Coach

When the coach has given the swimmer the focus points, the delay of the live stream can be adjusted. This enables the swimmers to self-train by swimming by the camera, see where they need to improve, and continue until they get it right.

"SwimCam makes it super easy to use video every day"

Lars Madsen, Head Coach Hørsholm

“The tool swim coaches has been looking for"

Thomas Stub, Danish Swimming Federation

“It makes a giant difference to the swimmers to get direct feedback on their technique every day”

Mikkel Bruun, Head Coach

“SwimCam is a complete game changer”

Malte Karklinat, Coach

Designed for coaches and swimmers

Put anywhere in the pool

It takes less than a minute to power on the camera and stream to your tablet. Because most coaches do not have time to lay out cables and make sure nobody steps on them. When you are done you can just pull it out of the water and turn it off. No need to rinse off, and with a battery that allows for 6 hours of constant streaming you probably don’t even need to charge it.

4 different delays for each stroke

With two tabs on the screen you can go from 1 to 4 streams where each delay can be set individually. This means that swimmers have plenty of time to see where they need to improve even if they didn’t see it in the first stream. 

Or you can replace one of the streams with a video recording of how their technique should look like. Then swimmers can compare themselves to the ideal and keep improving on their technique until they get it right.

Recording, slow-motion, scrolling "frame by frame" are just some of the other functionalities the app also offer.

About us

SwimCam was founded on the idea that swimmers should able to see and experience their own progress every day. From the very first day SwimCam has collaborated with the Danish Swimming Federation and club coaches. Not only because technical progression improves race times but also because there is a very clear link between a swimmers experience of progression and how long time they stay active in the sport.

The founders behind SwimCam is sportsgeek Anders Sandfuss and tech nerd Thomas Terney. Anders is a former elite athlete and coach for many years, and Thomas has built technology solutions for 20+ years. Together with a team of dedicated developers from around the world they do their best to help swimmers and coaches get the most out of all the time spend in and by the pool.

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During our short online demos we demonstrate the camera, the app and answer all the questions you might have.

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